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Day 4: Coffee Shops

August 27, 2010

So, it may sound completely hackneyed to say that Seattle has a lot of great coffee shops, but it’s hard to avoid because they are so ubiquitous.  Besides the known chains of Starbucks and Seattle’s Best (that the locals claim not to frequent, but c’mon they couldn’t all stay open on tourists alone!) there are a ton of individual shops that cater to just about every personality type.  There is the People’s Republic of Kaffe–for those Socialist types, there are biker coffee shops, coffee shops that only do espresso based drinks,  coffee shops/shipping centers, there are coffee shop/movie theaters, there are French themed coffee shops, Italian themed coffee shops, there are chocolate and coffee coffee shops.  Anything you can imagine with coffee–and usually free wifi.  I’m not a fan of the temperatures in this city, and it is another cold summer day with temperatures topping out at 65 degrees today.  Perhaps I can take solace in the fact that there is always a warm caffeinated beverage just around the corner.

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