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Day 5: Volunteer Park

August 28, 2010

Nestled in the heart my neighborhood of Capitol Hill sits a park named for the volunteers who served in the Spanish American war.  The park is chock-full of notable items of interest.  Next to a fenced off reservoir is a water tower with an observation deck that conjures fairytale images of Rapunzel.   Further north you’ll find The Conservatory–a giant greenhouse filled with all sorts of gorgeous flowers and tangles of plant life.  The Seattle Asian Art museum faces downtown, its historic art deco building built in 1933 was the original home of  Seattle Art Museum.  In front of the museum are fish filled  lily ponds that are handsome enough to inspire one’s inner Monet.  Also this is where you can find Seattle’s famous Noguchi sculpture through which there is a perfect view of the Space Needle.  If this combined with the park’s acres of open lawn wasn’t enough to tempt an afternoon daydreamer, next to the park you’ll find the Lake View Cemetery where you can contemplate Seattle history as you stroll past the graves of some of its most prominent founding fathers (Doc Maynard, Thomas Mercer, & Arthur Denny) as well as Bruce Lee.

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