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Day 8: On 15th Video

August 31, 2010

"On 15th Video

I will never forget the first time I stepped foot in Kim’s video in New York.  I was a film student and Kim’s was already a local institution for the film geeks.  Besides offering cult movies and edgy imports,  they organized their videos not by genre, but director–some might have even said ‘auteur’.  As a bright-eyed scrappy film student and hopeful director, it felt respectful in a way I hadn’t ever even contemplated.  It was a video store that not only catered to the film enthusiast, it catered to the film obsessed.  Flash forward to present day and the Kim’s I used to patronize is now closed–the contents of the establishment gifted to some town in Italy.  So much to my relief, upon moving to Seattle,  I was introduced to On 15th Video.   (I’ve been told that my current apartment was chosen for me, at least in part, because of its proximity to On 15th.)  It’s an independently run video store located in a charming old fire house and carries a spectacular collection of dvds, bluerays, (even VHS films.)  Within the first moment or two browsing I could tell that there is a certain amount of care taken to cater to true filmies.  A section of the back wall is dedicated to films organized by director and the adjoining wall has an all too pleasing cult selection.  They have an extensive collection of foreign film as well as British television series.  I recognize this is the era of Netflix, and I recognize the impressive nature of their vast catalog and expedience, but there is something so soul satisfying about a well curated video shop that I believe appeals to all film geeks of my generation.  So, now, happily, On 15th  has taken the place of Kim’s in my life, but its memory will always remain in my heart.

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