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Day 10: Smoked Salmon

September 2, 2010

Like coffee, Salmon particularly Smoked Salmon is pretty much everywhere in Seattle.  When one thinks Salmon from Seattle one probably thinks of  “The World Famous Pike Place Fish” truly known ’round the world for throwing fish. But more than just a tourist attraction, salmon in general and smoke salmon in particular seems like a local favorite among Seattle folk–and, well, felines.   So, there is this cat that wanders up and down the street near my apartment.  I don’t really know its name, I have heard her called a few different ones, but she has no tags and, I call her Chaussette.  She has white back paws, and, honestly, I was forbidden from calling her Socks.   Chaussette is friendly with a good disposition.  I am not sure Chaussette has a home, but that seems no matter because she has made friends all around the neighborhood.  Because I’m an easy mark, if she visits while I’m making dinner chances are that she’ll be able to steal a bite.  Much to my amusement, I have discovered what a true Seattlite this little kitten is.  She turned her nose up at cured meat, chicken, and beef.  For her, there is one thing that she’d prefer to eat.  Smoked Salmon.  And really, who can blame her?  I have to admit it’s good.

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