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Day 11 & 12 Outdoor Entertainment

September 5, 2010

So, I’m belated 2 entries.  I will combine 11 street musicians  and 12 public geek-wear into the overarching Outdoor Entertainment.  This weekend is not only Labor Day weekend, it is also PAX weekend and Bumbershoot.  All of it makes for pretty great people watching.

Friday, I took a long lunch and managed to hear some great street musicians perform down by the market.  I have been a longtime fan of Doo Wop.  I had been searching the Stranger for leads on rhythm and blues shows to no avail just last weekend.  So, stumbling upon four men singing good old fashioned Doo Wap under the construction hit the perfect chord with me.   When I lived in LA I had thought the live music scene even at public outdoor venues was one of the city’s hidden treasures.  I am just discovering what Seattle has to offer in this respect.  This is the 40th year of Bumbershoot a Seattle music and art festival amusingly named for a word meaning “umbrella” that attracts performers from all over the country.

Concurrently, Penny Arcade is holding their PAX convention/festival for gamers.  The weekend attracts close to 70,000 attendants and last year helped to spread the H1N1 with over 100 attendees reported feeling sick.  Thank goodness, that doesn’t seem to be a problem this year.   So, yesterday, it me took a moment to realize why a man in a black leotard and a cap was walking down the street with a sliverclad maiden.  Oh, yeah, PAX!  This is not the only time of year Seattle streets are filled with costumed warriors.  In the spring, Seattle hosts Emerald City Comicon which one again fills the streets with spectacularly garbed attendants.  Honestly, I cannot wait until Halloween.

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