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Day 15: Sun Liquor

September 7, 2010

When did Bartenders become Mixologists?  I feel like the title was somehow a result of the metro-sexual movement.  Mixology brings about images of high end spirits gently muddled with fresh herbs and mingled with hand squeezed juices.  An establishment that leans in this general direction is something completely different than a bar where you knock back shots and order a beer.  Sun Liquor gestures towards Mixology.  If you’re craving a pub-ier environment for your libations, do not worry because there is one just next door, The Summit.  That being said, Sun Liquor offers no pretension, just very yummy cocktails.  It’s cozy and kitschy and the perfect spot for those nights where you want you having a drink to feel special.  If you’ve watched one too many episodes of Mad Men and you’re craving a Tom Collins this might be just the gin joint for you.  While researching this blog entry, I came across Cask Strength, a blog by a Seattle Bartender.  I particularly enjoyed #5 of his “10 rules of drinking like a man”: Order the right drink in the right bar at the right time.  It offers what may seem like common sense, but is very sage advice.

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