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Day 16: Sur La Table

September 8, 2010

Sur La Table has been one of my favorite kitchen specialty shops for awhile now.  I think I first heard its name uttered on Oprah, but I most definitely fell in love with it in Los Angeles.  Little did I know that it was born in Seattle.  A woman by the name of Shirley Collins opened the (now flagship) store at Pike’s Place Market in 1972.  Stocked with every kitchen gadget or appliance imaginable, the store is just absolute heaven for me.  Collins sold the shop in the Nineties to another Seattle family who expanded the number of stores across the country–delighting home chefs and foodies nationwide.  The Los Angeles shop I knew and loved at the Hollywood Grove is a bit sprawling, where the original shop at Pike’s Place is more reminiscent of an old library with narrow aisles and stacks of treasures floor to ceiling.  Some may find the Seattle store bit cramped, but one is quickly distracted by all it has to offer.  This evening, I stopped in to grab a few fun Halloween decorations (their spider cake stand is adorable) but after a couple impulse purchases I made myself leave before I blew my budget.

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