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Day 17: Wheedle’s Groove

September 9, 2010

So, as I mentioned before a couple weeks ago I was sitting trying to find out where someone could go out and hear some soul.  I searched the Stranger to no avail.  Later that week, I managed to hear some some soul filled Doo Wop down by the market.  Street performers of all variety can be found around the market.  I was temporarily satiated.

I had yet to really understand what Wheedle’s Groove is and where I could find it.  Jennifer Maas (a local Seattle filmmaker) put together a documentary called Wheedle’s Groove that revisits and reassembles Seattle’s nearly forgotten soul and funk scene of the late 60s and 70s.  As the film states quite often, people have come to think of music when they think of Seattle, but they don’t think funk.  They think grunge; they think rock.  Wheedle’s Groove provides the music I have been searching for and missing.  Besides a film, Wheedle’s Groove is also the name of the retrospective album Maas’s husband put together of “Seattle’s Finest in Funk & Soul 1965-75.”  It’s a compilation of a lot of popular singles or tracks of that era.   Since the movie and the album (and the inevitable, but fortunate reunion of what artists are still around and playing), Wheedle’s Groove has become a band.  Formed from original recording artists featured on the album, they have performed at local clubs like Chop Suey, rocked Bumbershoot, and have a gig lined up a Neumos in October.   The mayor of Seattle even declared Sept 4 “Wheedle’s Groove Day.”  So, now, finally Wheedle’s Groove is also a day!  It’s fun to see a city that sometimes takes it’s music status for granted enjoy reliving part of its musical history with such zestful enthusiasm.  All this said, to me, Wheedle’s Groove is just good music.

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