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Day 18: Bimbos

April 12, 2011

One of my brother’s best friends, with whom I’ve always had lively debates about college sports, culture, urban hiking and most importantly the country’s most awesome cities, loves Seattle.  He has loved Seattle for years.  Every couple of months or so, he’d just start jones-ing for the great Pacific Northwest and announce that he needed a Seattle fix.  Needless to say this city had a lot of live up to.  One of my brother’s other friends is a semi-professional photographer.  He ends up at a lot of art openings, concerts and clubs to take photos.  Long before I moved to Seattle, I was visiting my brother in the OTHER Washington one night when we all ended up at this small club to hear a band called Los Straightjackets perform.  They’re a really fun surf rock band from Tennessee that just happen to wear Mexican Wrestling masks while performing.  It was a great night that (along with a certain Homestarrunner animation series) has endeared me to Mexican Wrestling Masks.

Now, when I planned my first visit to Seattle, it was totally spur of the moment.  It was the Fourth of July, and I just jumped in my car and started driving North.  Seattle was just going to be a stop on my great American road-trip to Vancouver, BC.  I got to Seattle and met up with friends who frequented the Capitol Hill Arts District.  Starving (as I often am–I have been described as either chewing or hungry), we ended up at Bimbos for a nacho plate and a couple margaritas.  Besides the neon, and the obvious  big arrow, its decor was warm, welcoming, and endearing because, you see, everything has this velvet painting mexican wrestler theme.  I fell in love.  I had let my brother know I had arrived safely in Seattle.  He texted me a name of a restaurant of which he and his Seattle-loving best-y had fond memories.  My phone said, “Bimbos.”  My response was that I was already there, brother.

Bimbos does not serve terribly authentic Mexican cuisine, it doesn’t serve Tex-Mex, or even Mexicali. I’d say it’s authentically  Seattle-Mex. They offer food allergy restricted options and do not shy away from making anything vegan.  Their Margaritas come in pint glasses not something with a frilly stem, and the salsa is more on the pico de gallo side than picante sauce.  Whatever your criticism, the happy hours, however, are great. I can go with MY best-y split a large plate of soy cheez nacho with beans and guac (added chicken) and couple margaritas for under $20.  It’s filling, it’s fun, and it’s affordable.  Now that I have moved to Seattle, and Bimbos is within walking distance of my digs, it’s pretty high on the restaurant rotation.  It’s festive enough to always seem celebratory, but homey enough to still feel like a local bar.  No matter what, though, it will always remind me of three DC lawyers who know how to have a good time.

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